Groin Pain & FAI

Groin Pain & FAI

What is FAI?

Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is a common cause of hip pain in adults and teenagers.

The pain is usually felt in the groin or the lateral aspect of the hip with physical activity or prolonged sitting.

The cause is a developmental abnormality which has caused either a "bump" or "cam" over the femoral head or a "pincer" over the edge of the acetabulum. This abnormality causes impingement between the ball and the socket.

This abnormal contact causes labral tears and chondral damage. It is now generally accepted that FAI is a major cause of osteoarthritis in later life.

Diagnosis is by clinical examination, 3D CT scan and an MR arthrogram. The classic sign is groin pain with flexion, internal rotation and adduction of the hip joint.



  • CT including 3D reconstruction and MRI
  • Intra-articular injection of LA to confirm the diagnosis


  • Arthroscopic Repair of Labrum
  • Arthroscopic Resection of Pincer and Cam


Arthroscopic hip surgery is technically demanding and should be performed by orthopaedic surgeons who have specific training in this field. We perform approximately 100 hip arthroscopies per year.

The results are excellent with restoration of function and relief of pain in the majority of patients. It is hoped that the risk of future arthritis is also reduced. Our postoperative results are equal or better than published results of world leaders in this field.

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